Should your side hustle be a career?

We hear you, ladies. You work hard every day to do your best work, feel satisfied in your job and succeed financially. Sometimes, that means you need a side hustle — taking on extra work to support your real passion.

And sometimes, it means you can only afford to pursue your real passion on the side. Are you ready to take the plunge and invest all of your effort and time into making your side hustle the ultimate career? Keep reading!

Side Hustle: For Love or Money?

The definition of a side hustle is any job done on the side to make extra cash. Most people take on an extra job or project to boost their income or pay off debt. The side hustle may pay the bills while you launch a startup or pursue a real interest.

But what if it’s the other way around? How do you make the big switch if your side hustle ends up as your true passion?

5 Signs Your Side Hustle Should Be a Full-Time Job

1. You absolutely love it

The typical side hustle just pays the bills. But if you find yourself dragging through your work day and daydreaming about your side gig, maybe it’s your true calling. You should feel proud and energized by your work, and not count the minutes until you can sign out.

2. You have enough projects/clients to keep going

It’s easy to take on a side project here and there, or to support a client for a few hours a week or month. But can you do it for at least 30-40 hours a week? Chasing new business leads can absorb a huge amount of unpaid time, so make sure you have promising prospects at the start.

3. You can do more than keep the lights on

Yes, you need to pay your bills, but to sustain happiness with your new career, you need to make at least – if not more – than you did at your full-time job. Make sure you factor in health insurance, taxes, commuting costs and any additional resources you may need when you do a cost-benefit comparison.

4. You really, really don’t like your day job

Are you miserable at your day job? If not, and you really just crave some variety, it may not be time to fully convert. But if you derive no satisfaction from your career and yearn for new challenges, then change may be just what you need.

5. You are not risk-averse

No matter which way you slice it, leaving the security of a full-time risk comes with risk. Some people thrive on risk, and others may experience too much anxiety to fully focus. If you’re the latter, you need to set the bar higher for potential earnings, current and future client retention and long-term sustainability. You need to be the type of person who can easily recover if your new career path doesn’t succeed. 

Career Advice for Your Side Hustle

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